Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Few More Abused Bile Drip Bears Released. What is a Bile Drip Bear?

Excellent. For those who don't know what bile drip bears are, please see It's good to see some finally getting peace.

Read on:


Andi Mowrer

Animals Asia Foundation

802/343-9136 (Vermont)

Subject: 4 new caged bears home for the holidays....

Hi everyone, just quickly sending this to let you know that, as of 6pm

today, we have four caged free drip bears settling down in the Hospital,

munching on a fresh fruit supper and a slurping shakes made of condensed

milk, sugar, blueberry jam, apple and pear! All four are not too bad

physically (although one poor love is blind, some have cage bar and

stereotypic scarring, and all seem to be free drip healed) - but they're

pretty angry and stressed, and need lots of tender loving care.

We're trying to piece more information together from the authorities

over the next few days. However, so far we can see that we definitely

have 3 boys - but the last one is too shy to divulge this information

for now and refuses to turn over!

As ever, the team here were fabulous; slick, professional and carrying

out the rescue in less than an hour. All bears now settled in for the

night, and wondering whether to indulge in another morsel of fruit salad

or pad unforgiving cage floors with nests of straw.

Once we have more news will let you know but, for now, welcome home our

new family. 198 rescued, 161 living today. Jill

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