Friday, December 13, 2013

It’s Simple: Neglected, Chained Dog Dies in the Bitter Cold

Every time the cold hits I think of these situations.  What causes a fuck…g human to just leave a dog to die in the cold?  F who did this and I hope someone out there pays them a visit in a harmful way.  Child abusers are treated with more respect than the innocent outdoor, chained dogs. 

As stated in the article, “If you see a dog who has been left outdoors, without adequate protection from the elements, please reach out for help. If the dog's owner is unwilling to remedy the issue, contact local animal control officials as soon as possible.”

or visit the Facebook page AND GET INVOLVED IN GETTING THE SCUM PUNISHED here:  

It’s too fuc…g bad they were called so late. 

"Both of these dogs were tied out. no food no water and barely any protection. Well I have both the animals. It kills me to say, I was called a little late. This beautiful animal (boxer) couldn't stand the bitter cold with no food or water to sustain his body.

He laid down and died. By himself with no one to comfort him. Except for the other dog. A chocolate lab, which was unable to get close to the boxer and watched as her friend froze to death. She is safe and will be cared for here at the rescue."

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