Friday, April 29, 2011

YouTube Bans Animal Cruelty Video Showing Calves at E6 Cattle Company in Hart, Texas Bludgeoned with Pickaxes, but Shows Tons of Other Cruelty: Why?

Wow. I’ve seen tons of videos, but what horror. Keep in mind these are baby cows. But, these scum at E6 Cattle Company in Hart, Texas seem to love putting holes in the heads of calves. You can see the video proving the cruelty at E6 Cattle Company in Hart, Texas here.

The question, as touched on by WebProNews here and on the Mercy For Animals website which carried out the undercover investigation provides a horrifying look into E6 Cattle Co. in Hart, Texas asks why YouTube banned the video. Good question. As brought up, “…YouTube seems to have no qualms about videos glorifying hunting, dogfighting, or similar forms of animal cruelty…”

So I wonder why. Hummm. They’re fine covering up the cruelty to baby calves but love having videos glorifying thugs like Michael Vick torturing dogs?

So what does the video show and prove? As stated at

E6 Cattle rears calves for use on dairy farms, confining approximately 10,000 calves and subjecting them to lives of prolonged neglect and misery. For over two weeks in March of 2011, an MFA undercover investigator documented the operation's deplorable conditions and brutal mistreatment of animals.

MFA's hidden camera reveals:

Workers bludgeoning calves in their skulls with pickaxes and hammers -- often involving 5 to 6 blows, sometimes more -- before rendering the animals unconscious

Beaten calves, still alive and conscious, thrown onto dead piles

Workers kicking downed calves in the head, and standing on their necks and ribs

Calves confined to squalid hutches, thick with manure and urine buildup, and barely large enough for the calves to turn around or fully extend their legs

Gruesome injuries and afflictions, including open sores, swollen joints and severed hooves

Ill, injured and dying calves denied medical care

The budding horns of calves burned out their skulls without painkillers

Upon reviewing the undercover footage, Temple Grandin, PhD, animal welfare advisor to USDA, declared: "It is obvious that both the management and the employees have no regard for animal welfare."

Colorado State University Professor of Animal Sciences Dr. Bernard Rollin also condemned the operation: "I urge everyone in a position of authority to serve notice to the world that this sort of behavior has no place in a society wishing to consider itself civilized. These people must be corrected with the full force of the legal system."

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