Friday, April 29, 2011

Truck Filled with Stolen Pet Dogs Headed for Slaughter in China Stopped by a Few Activists: Signs of Hope in the Abusive and Callous Country of China

Though the outcome of this story was good, it also shows the reality that dogs and cats are indeed eaten in China.

Please take the time to look at these photos at

To think that this is common practice is just sickening and sad. For dog lovers to see dogs packed into this disgusting, rickety truck brings to reality just what the majority of Chinese people do to dogs. Many of us in the US are used to seeing cattle trucks, but we’ve never seen a truck bringing dogs to be slaughtered for food. Just look at their faces and you’ll see the same ones we see daily in our homes.

It’s hearting to see the SOME people are changing in China. But, the majority remain cruel and abusive people steeped in superstition. We can only hope that more people begin to take on the ideals that these brave people did, especially in the land of animal abuse known as china.

Please check out the story and the photos at

Here are some telling quotes from the story:

“The dogs, many apparently stolen from their owners, were being transported from the central Chinese province of Henan to restaurants in Jilin province in the north-east, The China Daily said.”

“The China Daily quoted activists as saying many of the dogs still had collars with bells and name tags, indicating they had been stolen from their owners and that the trucking company transported a load of dogs to Jilin each week.”

“The consumption of dog and cat meat, both of which are believed to promote bodily warmth and are thus popular in winter, remains widespread in China despite a surge in popularity as pets.”

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