Friday, April 15, 2011 Led by Alex Pacheco, a Non-Profit Committed to Ending the Widespread Suffering and Death within the Stray Dog Population of the World

I’ll be honest – I hadn’t known of Don’t ask me why, as this is a great group.

We all know who Alex is, and we know he’s committed. So, this is a group I ask you all to support. I’ve posted in their mission below. But, visit their website at and support them. is a non-profit organization committed to ending the widespread suffering and death within the stray dog population around the world. We intend to do this by funding the development and global distribution of scientific formulas that can be fed to animals, and that will prevent the animals from being able to reproduce. This will dramatically reduce stray populations and prevent the birth of an estimated billion puppies each year, most of whom live under appalling conditions or are killed by "stray dog control methods" including poisoning, shooting, electrocution, beating to death, and worse.

1) To free virtually every humane society world wide of their most expensive problem -- animal overpopulation.
2) To prevent the deaths of the up to 55,000 people who die every year from rabies, most of whom are bitten by overpopulated rabid stray dogs.
3) To provide developing nations and low income individuals with a practical and affordable alternative to costly surgical animal sterilization.
4) To enable agencies to reduce their use of inferior animal overpopulation control methods, the most common being poison, which has many negative effects such as the unintentional killing of non targeted animals, as well as people.

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