Monday, April 04, 2011

All You Need to Know About the Canadian Baby Seal Slaughter for 2011

Yep, they’re still bashing in the heads of baby seals in Canada with clubs.

I’m going to make it simple today and provide two links which provide information on the annual Canadian baby seal killing. Yes, I know there are other issues to address, but this sick sadistic annual practice is of such importance that I’d like to run on it for a day.

One link is a quick action page which will help you send a quick message stating your opposition to sick Canada. Urgent Action for Seals

The other link is an EXCELLENT commentary by the legendary Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Society. Yes, the very group that actually put an end to Japanese whaling this year (and hopefully for the future). It is titled The Great Bloody White North: The Canadian Seal Slaughter and How I Really Feel About It!

If you want or need to know the facts behind this ridiculous mass species slaughter, then read his commentary. Here is a quick quote from that writing: “In the interest of appeasing the ecologically ignorant fishermen who have been impoverished by the gross management incompetence of the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), the government has set the highest kill quota ever imposed on the seals with an allowable slaughter of 468,200 harp, Grey, and hood seals. This is an increase of 148,200 over the ridiculously high kill quota of 330,000 seals in 2010.”

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