Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shocking News: 7 Horses Die in Round Up On Public Lands Performed for BP (YES, BP) and a Pipeline. Fear and Heat Lead to Cruel Deaths for BP Profit

In our latest “no freaking way” segment, we are sorry to have to bring this horrible and disturbing news to you even as BP is ruining the Gulf.

We wrote last week about the wild horse round up in Nevada. Termed the "Tuscarora gather" (in Owyhee and Rock Creek) everyone speculated that this is due to the BLM giving away public land for profit and to corporation. Of course, they lied and said it is not, but the truth has now come to light.

Though we knew the truth, we never would have guessed that this is being done for the benefit of BP!

This video article - - proves just why the wild horse round up in Nevada is occurring.

In addition to the cruelty evident (foals just days old running scared), as you’ll see in this video, it is coming to light that the BLM is doing this to clear land for a pipeline to be used by BP! I know, we can’t believe it either. Sadly, once again, BP is more important than life itself.

As you’ll also see in the video, BP has admitted that this is the case. So again, a British company, one that caused the largest ecological disaster in history, is still receiving preferential treatment over the interests of American citizens.

This story also sadly states that over 36K wild horses are in BLM holding pens.


GEARI.ORG said...

Saw this story today. Let's hope this works to stop this BP-driven atrocity.

Court hearing on Nevada horse roundup set in Reno
(AP) – 19 hours ago
CARSON CITY, Nev. — A federal judge has scheduled an emergency hearing on a temporary restraining order sought by animal rights advocates to halt a wild horse roundup in northeast Nevada.
U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks will hear arguments Thursday in Reno.
The Bureau of Land Management suspended the gather in northern Elko County over the weekend when seven horses died of dehydration and water intoxication after being herded by helicopter on the first day of the roundup. Another horse broke a leg and was put down.
Laura Leigh, a writer and wild horse advocate, filed a lawsuit Friday and followed with a motion for a temporary restraining order to stop the roundup.
The BLM says the roundups are needed because the horses are running out of food and damaging the range.

GEARI.ORG said...

Sadly, but not much of a surprise, the judge has bowed to corporate pressure and will allow the killing of the horses continue. Business as usual.

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