Friday, July 09, 2010

Animal Rights Music and New YouTube Video: Tera Transporter by Annemarie Borg

Wanted to pass this on to all of you. Always support artists involved in animal rights.

I came across your blog and site while researching how to get more viewers and listeners to the work we do with music and with our public statements.
We have the same aims and concerns as you, and this is in all our work.
Please visit our site:
and music and statements

The video we would like mainly to be seen and heard is of course the one we made for PETA...Tera Transporter.
It was posted on their site for 2 weeks but now it is only on youtube on our account.

Is there anyway you could help us to get more access, we feel strongly about the fact that some of PETA's new videos are so commercial that it takes away from the seriousness of this inhumane animal treatment.
Best wishes from London UK
For Thamnos
Annemarie Borg

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