Friday, July 23, 2010

Help The Prairie Dog Coalition to be Able to Relocate Prairie Dogs (the Most Abused Wild Animal in the West) Away from Danger to Protected Zones

I speak from experience as I live in an area where I have seen Prairie Dogs killed at astonishing rates. I’ve seen them poisoned, shot, sucked up in a ridiculous vacuum, and, believe it or not, bulldozed with babies right in the holes.

So, please read this article to see what you can do to help with relocation.

You can either go directly to the site for The Prairie Dog Coalition at or to the site that this article came from and make a donation-



Help relocate prairie dogs away from danger into protected zones, bolstering the native ecosystem of the Great Plains.

"Nine different wildlife species depend on the prairie dog and their habitat for their survival. The prairie dog is a critical component to healthy North American grasslands." ~ Dr. Jane Goodall
Each year in the U.S., tens of thousands of prairie dogs lose their lives to poisoning and traps, urban development, non-native disease, or shooting contests.

The Prairie Dog Coalition works to implement non-lethal prairie dog management techniques throughout their range.

First, the prairie dogs are humanely trapped when exiting their burrows, and relocated in kennels to either a holding facility or directly into a new burrow, complete with a holding cap for a slow release into its new home. During the transfer, the prairie dogs are given health and wellness checks, receive any necessary vet care, and are amply fed. Prairie dogs are kept with their families. Colonies number 1,000 prairie dogs at the most, and are moved in batches over the course of a few months' time.

The new burrows, located in protected areas where the prairie dogs will not be hunted or poisoned, are either preexisting abandoned burrows that have been restored, or new burrows created with nest boxes and drain pipes about 4 feet underground. After the prairie dogs are released, the burrow is capped with a temporary holding cage (a rabbit hutch!). The hutch stays over the top of the burrow for 3 to 5 days so the prairie dogs can safely acclimate to their new home. The hutches are stocked with moist foods, and are shaded and predator-safe. Once the hutch is removed, the prairie dogs are free to run around their new habitat, dig all they want, and enjoy their new, safe homes!

Your donation through this Gift That Gives More™ feeds a group of four prairie dogs for an entire week during their relocation to a new colony location. Relocating the prairie dogs saves them from falling victim to shooting contests, traps, poison, and urban development.

After making your donation, you will receive an automated e-mail with a link to a full-color certificate of acknowledgment that you may print and frame for display or gift-giving. Adobe Acrobat Reader, or equivalent .pdf viewing program, is required to open the file. The certificate makes a great "instant" gift for an honored colleague, family member or friend.
Please note: Your donation is tax-deductible in the U.S.A., and you will receive a receipt from for your taxes. 100% of this gift goes as a grant to The Prairie Dog Coalition as part of The Fund for Animals' funding commitment. GreaterGood Network stores do not receive any profit from the sale of this Gift That Gives More™; we bring it to you in the spirit of the greater good. has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of its funds. All expenditures made are consistent with the exempt purposes of

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