Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bill Aimed At Ending the Slaughter of Horses in the United States for Human Consumption Abroad Victim of Politics: Stalled, Vote Unlikely This Year

Yeah, you see, they’re too busy getting together all their money from all their buddies to rig campaigns in November. Much more important to them then the fear and pain the horses will experience during shipping to the slaughterhouses and then the final killings that occur once there.


Horse slaughter bill stalls in US


September 24, 2006

A bill aimed at ending the slaughter of horses in the United States for human consumption has stalled, probably until next year.

The Senate will be breaking up earlier this session for elections and is unlikely to get on to the matter until next year.

The proposed law was passed by Congress on September 7. It will not become law until passed by the Senate and then signed off by the President.

It can only pass if both Houses pass identical versions. If the Senate makes changes, it is referred back to Congress for a further vote.


Thomas Lee Trevino said...

The Truth must be exposed. The ideal of Foreign Horse plants slaughtering unwanted horse is a lie just as they once told the coumunity of Kaufman Tx,that these are old and sick horses. These are in fact good riding horses as you will see on the Report list that killer buyers turn in to horse plants for there profits. The list on SaveDaHorses.com clearly stats the facts only. Horse Plants pay nearly no Income Tax nor Export Tax as most American products are subject too. The Beef,Pork,and Poultry Industries support horse slaughter because of the illegals they promote jobs too. meaning more profits.Due to the exposure of ICE busting illegals at Swift Plants tells you the facts. As of now the swift plants have changed there hiring proceedures. The AQHA and APHA supports horse slaughter because they fail to show responsiblity for the overbreeding they promote, and as well lie to the public telling them horse slaughter will crash the market hurting there pocket books. AQHA and others need to take notes from the Racehorse Industries as they now charge fee's for retirement horses unlike the board of 19 AQHA members based in Armarllo Tx, and APHA as they are only a few miles from Beltex horse killing capital. The USDA expects the American people to tust them yet why want foreigners want our beef. They also know the feedlots feed cattle chicken crap to cut the prices in feed to make up the difference. The USDA says that if the Horse Bill passes it will promote horses to mexico for slaughter and yet USDA stats show horse slaughter and shipping for slaughter is alive and well. Which is far inhumane as the US. Which the horses are stab numerious times in the neck and head to be put down as videos on www.SaveDaHorses.com indicate. The Horse Billhas the weight of the American People and Yet Paid off puppets in office have fail to listen to there constiuants. Like Bob Goodlatte of Vir, Conraid Burns of Mt. and Charles Stenholms all sellouts to our American Pets and Icons.

GEARI.ORG said...

Incredible information!! Thank you for your time and passing this information along! Keep up the work you are doing!

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