Monday, September 25, 2006

Australia Rejects Plans to Launch a Crocodile Safari Industry That Would Give Tourists the Chance to Hunt Them for Sport

Good choice, but unfortunately they do already do an “official” killing as it is. But, not letting a bunch of yahoos have open season on crocodiles is a logical idea.


Australia nixes plan for crocodile hunting safaris

Sat Sep 23, 1:26 AM ET

SYDNEY (AFP) - Australia will block plans to launch a crocodile safari industry that would give tourists the chance to hunt crocs for sport in the remote Northern Territory, a minister said.

Environment Minister Ian Campbell described the proposal to allow domestic holidaymakers to annually cull 25 of the deadly reptiles -- which are rife in the area -- as "stupid" and inhumane.

"Getting amateurs in to take a pot shot at a croc is not a modern, sensible or humane approach and the Australian Government won't be having a bar of it," Campbell told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

"The 600 (crocodiles) that are culled under a license are culled using professional techniques that ensure there is a humane culling process," he said, branding the plan to allow tourists to join the culling as "stupid".

Campbell said he had turned down a similar proposal last year and had no intention of approving the latest plan submitted by Northern Territory entrepreneur Mick Pitman.

Pitman accused the minister of making an uninformed decision on the issue.

"I find it a bit ludicrous and a definite sign of him being uninformed because he didn't even look at our proposal before he made a decision," he told the ABC

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