Thursday, August 03, 2006

Two Teen Girls Who Wrapped Cat In Plastic, Kicked It Around And Posted It On MySpace Get Off Easy: Simple Probation And A Class

Now what kind of statement does this send? Go ahead and abuse? You’ll only get probation and a class? This is ridiculous.

Here is a link to information on what they did:

It’s well documented that those who abuse animals will very soon move on to human victims. How the coats didn’t see this is horrible. Weak.

Here are a few articles on the connection between animal abuse, mental problems and future abuse of humans.

Here’s an article on kids and animal abuse:


Teens seen abusing cat in video receive probation

Two teen-age girls who abused a cat have been sentenced to probation for the upcoming school year and ordered to prepare a presentation on animal cruelty and how to care for a pet.

The Marion County girls must give the presentation to elementary school children and have only supervised contact with animals. The Indianapolis Star generally does not identify juveniles charged with crimes.

The girls posted on a Web site a video of themselves kicking a cat wrapped in plastic.
An animal rights group reported the incident in April, leading to criminal charges being filed in Marion County juvenile court.

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