Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dean Foods, Owner of Horizon Organic Dairy Products Again Focus Of Hypocrisy: Proof of Human and Animal Abuse Rampant At Facility

It was only a matter of time before the truth of Dean Foods became to come out. The people who sold out Horizon Organic Dairy Products may be rich, but they’re also hypocrites. To advertise organic products from happy cows and be run by Dean Foods is true hypocrisy. The article below speaks of one situation. However, I have written on the lies behind Horizon Organic Dairy Products before. You can find that here -

The article below actually provides pictures of abuse.


Tell giant Oregon dairy and Dean Foods to stop animal abuse and worker intimidation



Last month we sent you an action alert regarding the horrendous animal abuse--documented by the Humane Farming Association (HFA) at the giant Threemile Canyon Farm dairy (click here to see HFA report). We asked you to contact Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers and tell him to do something about this injustice. Thanks to the thousands who sent e-mails and made phone calls, the attorney general is responding—unfortunately by making excuses about why his office is not investigating the abuse. (Click here for HFA’s response.)

While Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers makes excuses why his office is not investigating horrible animal abuse at Threemile, supervisors at the mammoth dairy have been circulating a petition denying such abuse takes place.

Supervisors have told workers they may be fired if they don't sign the company’s petition denying animal abuse is occurring. Could it happen? Other workers who have spoken out about unsafe conditions, sexual discrimination and those openly supporting the United Farm Workers have been fired. Meantime, workers who exposed dairy owner AJ Boss’ outrageous comments about women--"I don’t want women at the farm...they're only good for the bed"-- have suffered on-going retaliation. They have since filed a lawsuit against the company.

If Oregon’s Attorney General won’t enforce the law, then please join us in calling on Dean Foods to take immediate action to stop the animal abuse and worker intimidation at Threemile. Dean Foods, one of the largest dairy processors in the U.S., currently buys milk from Threemile and markets it under its Meadow Gold brand. They also markets Horizon brand organic milk. We have repeatedly urged Dean Foods to use its influence to remedy the situation at Threemile, but they have not returned our calls.

We believe the best way to protect the cows is to make sure workers can openly speak out about cruel and inhumane treatment without fear of being fired. That can only be guaranteed in a union contract.

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