Thursday, August 31, 2006

Contracted Companies Continue Massive Seal Clubbing In Namibia: Brutality for Profit

Amazing this is still going on and at such a massive level. Must be trying to catch up to the kings of seal slaughter – Canada. Of course, they use the same methods – brutal hacking at the head with a pick. Of course, no babies or young are left alone.


Animal rights group urges end to massive seal cull in Namibia

Aug 30, 2006, 19:00 GMT

Windhoek/Johannesburg - Animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) Wednesday protested the culling of an estimated 91,000 seals in Namibia.

The culling of baby and adult harp seals - the animals are clubbed or shot - began some weeks ago at Cape Cross.

The cull at Cape Cross on the country's southern Atlantic coast, carried out by companies contracted to the government, is undertaken each year.

'The Namibian government has come up with every excuse imaginable for this barbaric slaughter except for the real motive behind it - profit,' Peta said in a statement.

In a letter addressed to the southern African nation's Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Abraham Iyambo, the lobby group said there was 'good reason why the annual Namibia seal slaughter is considered the cruelest seal hunt on the plant' and urged, on behalf of 'concerned citizens around the world' for an end to the practice.

Peta also rejected the Namibian government's position that the culling is key to keeping seal numbers low and ultimately protecting fish stocks.

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