Tuesday, August 02, 2005

PLEASE SIGN AND FORWARD THIS PETITION - Urgent - to stop killing of prairie dogs in Colorado

In Colorado, or know anyone in Colorado? Pass this on. Very easy to do

This petition is to stop the killing of approx. 250 prairie dogs in Highlands Ranch, CO. Please forward to your members as you see appropriate. The Deadline is August 7th!


This is the one for Hoby and HR open space. It's
got half the signatures of the Shea petition, and we only have until August
8th. PLEASE put this petition in the same circulation as the other. Thanks

Lindsey Sterling Krank, Director
The Prairie Dog Coalition
2525 Arapahoe #E4-527
Boulder, CO 80302
(720) 938-0788
For the Life of the Prairie.

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