Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More Proof of Cruelty: A Short Clip and Website Document Animal Cruelty at Wegmans Egg Farm, NY

There's nothing like proof when speaking of issues involving cruelty. Below you will see a link to a 2 minute trailer from the 30 minute film “Wegmans Cruelty” which shows suffering, neglect, and death in Wegmans Egg Farm in Wolcott, NY. Leaving dead birds to rot in cages along side alive ones is common practice. You would think they could at least stop doing this (imagine the smell of being cramped into a cage with rotting humans - graphic, but true). The factory egg facility is owned by Wegmans grocery store and contains over 750,000 hens. Thanks to technology we once again see the truth that goes on behind the scenes where the company and workers think they are not being watched. Please read on....


Animal cruelty at Wegmans Egg Farm – documentary film and newspaper

A new documentary film "Wegmans Cruelty" reveals animal cruelty and
inhumane conditions at
Wegmans Egg Farm in Wolcott, NY, between Rochester and Syracuse. Wegmans
grocery store, ranked #1 on Fortune magazine’s list of best companies to
work for, operates its own factory egg facility, which contains over
750,000 hens. The 30 minute film “Wegmans Cruelty” reveals the
suffering, neglect and death inherent in these farms.

A 2 minute trailer for the film is available here:
The complete film is available as a free download also. The sites it can
be downloaded from
are growing.

The Rochester, NY, Democrat & Chronicle newspaper covered the film’s
release and Wegmans’ reaction to the film:
“Activists take on Wegmans: Chicken-cruelty charge and video rebuffed by
execs, others”:

A news release from Wegmans is here:
Wegmans defends its farm as humane by appealing to the “Animal Care
Certified” program, a program that the Better Business Bureau has deemed
“misleading advertising.”

A spokesperson for the campaign was recently fired from her job as an
accountant for the company that services Wegmans; see the story:

For more information and to talk to the producers of the film, please

See also

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