Monday, August 15, 2005

Easy Action to Stop Korea From Passing a Policy to Hygienically Control Dogmeat

Wow, definitely a sick policy if enacted. Surprising that the incredible species - dog - is seen by some as just another choice on the menu. Hard to think that these feeling, caring animals would have to face the sick face of a dog or cat butcher. Please read on...

Excuse me if you have this information already, but if not, could you take a
moment to write to the Korean government asking to stop them from passing a
policy to hygienically control dogmeat. This would pave the way towards the
legalization of the illegal dog meat trade and will greatly encourage the
consumption of dog meat in Korea.

Some points you can make are :

That Korea would be the only country in the word to legalize eating dogs, and
implementing legislation to hygienically control dogmeat would certainly add
acceptance to it, when they should be making efforts to end the dog and cat
meat trade and educating the public about the myths of dog and cat meat

Also, ask them to enforce the exisiting and future animal protection laws
(not those just in public view), and to introduce clear penalities for the
slaughtering of dogs and cats for food and fraudulent medicines and tonics.

Ask the Korean government if it is worth it to please the minority of Korean
dog eaters and illegal dog meat traders at the expense of millions of Korean
people and animals - and to surely hurt Korea's image in the rest of the world.

Also, all dogs and cats should be included in the definition of "Companion

Write to: President Roh Moo-Hyun
Blue House
1 Saejong-Ro , Jongo-gu
Seoul, South Korea

Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan
Central Government Complex
77-6 Sejongno, Jongno-gu
Seoul, South Korea

For more information go the International Aid for Korean Animals/Korea Animal
Protection Society's (IAKA/KAPS) web site @


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