Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Not one NGA greyhound should be sent to Juarez, Mexico torace.

This came from All Breeds Rescue Networks. Please do what you can to
dissuade these people from sending Greyhounds to Mexico.

This came from the American-European
Greyhound Alliance for all of us who care about dogs and don't want to
see them suffer in substandard living conditions. Feel free to cross

Recently it was disclosed
that the National Greyhound Association (NGA) has been deciding whether
or not to allow NGA greyhounds to go to the Mexican track in Juarez to
race. You may have read something about this issue on one of the
greyhound chat lists.

The President of Greyhound
Pets of America, (GPA) a national greyhound adoption organization, with
many chapters across the US, went to Juarez and met with track
officials there. He is of the mind that this is an acceptable idea, and
says he is in negotiations to set up greyhound adoption when the dogs
are finished racing. Of course, he gives no details, nor invites those
with an opposing view to participate. If he does put forth a glossed
over adoption scheme, the NGA will use that to remove the “HOLD” it
presently says is in effect.

Please take a minute and
consider what this really means to any greyhound unfortunate enough to
end up at Juarez in Mexico, an impoverished country with no animal
welfare standards. You probably have a greyhound or two of your own,
and could not imagine its life if it had to endure trying to survive in

We are trying to reach
every greyhound rescue organization and ask that they pass this on to
their adopters. Most of us are not affiliated with the GPA, and do not
wish to have them speak for us. This appeal is sent to you to ask that
you notify the NGA that you strongly disagree with this proposal. Every
greyhound should have a voice through our organizations, and these poor
dogs will have nobody. The President of the GPA cannot guarantee it.
All of us should have a voice;
it is our efforts that enable the retired NGA racers to get into
adoption programs. The NGA “HOLD” should become a NGA “BAN”. If these
greyhounds are not competitive any longer in the US, they should not go
to race in Juarez.

To contact the NGA by fax: 785-263-4689, by E-Mail: nga@ngagreyhounds.com, or by Phone: 785-263-4660.

To contact the GPA by Fax:
734-753-3964, or by E-Mail: pres@greyhoundpets.org, or vp@greyhoundpets.org.

If you would like a free
fax of your message sent to either, e-mail the message to reneeandgreys@aol.com.

Time is of the essence. Permission granted to cross post and pass on.

The American-European
Greyhound Alliance, Inc.



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