Friday, March 08, 2013

A Video Tribute to the Alpha Wolf Female of the Lamar Canyon Pack in Yellowstone Who Was Murdered: And 3 Easy Actions

I’ve also provided links below to 2 very easy actions.  Please do.

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful tributes I’ve seen to her, but also to wolves in general.  Just amazing.

As you may remember, and if you don’t, see our post here:  The Worst: Popular Alpha Female Wolf of Yellowstone Is Shot Dead By Scum Hunters Outside of the Park  a sleazy, blood thirsty scum lured her from the park boundary and murdered her.  No lower sleaze on Earth.  For his selfishness, the WORLD lost this majestic beauty.  

Unfortunately, sleaze have all the power.

What stands out here is the chance to see them in their natural habitat and just how they interact.  Amazing.  You’ll also notice their relation to dogs in their behavior and how they interact.  Any dog lover HAS TO BE A WOLF LOVER.  So the idiots who have dogs but also kill Wolves are, quite simply, stupid.

Check out the video below and here are also two easy actions you can take.

Take Action: Don't let special interest lobbyists keep wolves out of Utah! -

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