Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Worst: Popular Alpha Female Wolf of Yellowstone Is Shot Dead By Scum Hunters Outside of the Park

 First, remember that Obama and Salazar gave the green light to wolf killing.  Learn more about this heartless decision that has opened the floodgates to the wolf massacre that is occurring here: Wyoming the Newest Sadistic State to Allow Wolf Killing: Thanks to Obama and Salazar Decision, Can SHOOT ON SIGHT! What You Can Do 

If I say what I want to say, I’ll be cited for threats.  This truly is heart-dropping news, and just proves how absolutely scummy hunters are.  They couldn’t wait to see her come out of Yellowstone so that they could cowardly shoot her from a distance.

I have a challenge for you so-called tough guy hunters: Take a wolf using no weapons at all.  Nope, can’t do it, can you?  Just sit far away and shoot one.  And you think you did something hard?  BS.  I hope you get it soon.

As you’ll read in the stories below, “Known only as 832F, wolf was a favorite among visitors and researchers trying to understand the species' movements.”  Apparently she was magnificent.  FU to you cowardly hunters.

Here are some links to the story and also to a great Facebook page that you need to follow to keep up on the U.S. wolf massacre.

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