Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wolf Delisting Frenzy for ALL OF U.S. Begins: Simple Action to tell Obama to Keep Wolves Protected. Also, See List of Evil Senators and Reps who Signed Delisting Letter

 Well, as you’d suspect, this is mostly falling on party lines.  A large group of blood thirsty congress people have sent a letter to US Fish and Wildlife to delist wolves in all states. See this website to view the letter and the names who signed it:

By the way, here is the death count for wolves this year - 2012/2013 Wolf -Witch Hunt Slaughter - Idaho 190/ trapped 94 (OPEN) - Montana 128/ Trapped 97(CLOSED) - Wyoming Trophy Hunt 42 (CLOSED) - Wyoming Predator Zone 35 (OPEN) - Wisconsin 117 (CLOSED) - Minnesota 413 (CLOSED)  

As stated at the website:

“Wolves reside in just nine states: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and sometimes California (with OR7 drifting in and out) and have been harassed, tortured, brutalized and hunted in the last four years, since the Spring of 2009, when our newly elected President Obama and his rancher Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar,  stripped wolves in the Northern Rockies and now the Great Lakes of their Endangered Species Protections.”
“The reason for this increasingly brutal war against wolves is simple, they want to stop wolf recovery in its tracks. They want wolves gone forever from the lower 48 and are pulling out all the stops to get the job done.  It’s wolf extermination all over again!”


Of course, Obama and Evil Ken Salazar started this mess, but we need to once again Tell President Obama to Keep Wolves Protected.   Following that link will allow you to put your name to a letter.

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