Monday, January 03, 2011

Documentary “To Skin A Cat” to Bring Awareness to the Killing of Leopards for Use in Traditional Garments, Mainly by Religious Group - Shembe Church

I received this email and promised to let you all know about this project. Sounds very worthy and I encourage you all to look into it. Looks like they need support to get the filming started so I’ll leave that up to you all. But, at least take a few minutes to learn about this horrible issue driven (once again) by ridiculous religions customs.

The main site is at but you’ll also see in the email below an additional link.


Thanks for the great info posted on GEARI. The videos of the Foie Gras assembly lines were particularly impacting. I'd also like to commend you on the range of articles posted. I find it easy to get sucked into a particular line of animal welfare and while I consider it important to concentrate one's energies, it's also critical to keep a broad sense of the varying issues going on.
I'm wondering if you would consider assisting me on a project related to your topic of animal rights: the leopard skin trade in southern Africa.
We're trying to make a documentary called To Skin a Cat to create change and awareness around the killing of thousands of leopards for use in traditional garments, mainly used by a religious group known as the Shembe church. Because the issue is so sensitive and widespread, law officials seem unable to do anything about it, despite leopard being a protected species by law.
We're wondering if you might consider publicizing our fund raising campaign at, where we are trying to raise $5000 to cover the costs of filming the critical events of our film that take place during the Shembe pilgrimage in January. I'm happy to provide any information you might need, either by phone 3143699880 (I'm currently in the US) or by email.
We'd be so grateful for any help, advise or publicity you could give us.
Kind regards
Colwyn Thomas

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