Monday, January 03, 2011

Animal Aid Mission Somalia (AAMSOM) Releases Video Proof of Horrible Cruelty to Dogs: Poisoning Leads to Slow, Painful Deaths

I received this email recently. You’ll see a link to video proof of this cruelty at the end of this message or you can visit this link -
Yes, animal cruelty happens in every county throughout the world – sadly.


We are Animal Aid Mission Somalia (AAMSOM) is the nonprofit organization work inside Somalia and Somaliland, The main office of the NGO is located Borama Somaliland North Somalia. Borama is the capital city of the Awdal Region, 15KM away from border between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

The Mission of the AAMSOM is to increase the well keeping domestic animals as well as increasing community awareness raising toward caring and protecting these animals, and not to inflict problem is living in the other animals Pets, Dogs, Cats and etc.

AAMSOM NGO was founded in 2007 when we saw that there is a great need of such NGO who has great potentiality to tell Somali people the importance of animal living in the people. The main reason the AAMSOM based Borama is since they are in most of Dogs are living in Horn of Africa. An estimation that we took 2009 indicates almost 38,000 Dogs are living Borama district, which was in have problems here, people have slay Dogs to bad treat not give food and water, anyone puts out these dogs in front of his/her home.

These Dogs eat the remaining meats People throw after the dinner, and eat and drink only sprinkle water inside drainages.

There are many complains that people in this city submit local authorities from these un harmful dogs. They told that they are increasing number of dogs in the Borama, therefore they requested the Somaliland governments to kill these dogs using poisonous meats.

Killing and poisoning dogs is the main issue and efforts that local government of the Borama took nowadays, this action was started 22 December 2010 until today the government eliminates more than 7,000 domestic dogs. After that AAMSOM feel deep regret and sorrow toward killing these sociable dogs.

AAMSOM NGO coordinated and efforts to hold meetings or with to talk key duty bearers to stop killing and poisoning these dogs and give these dogs chance to live.
However, it is impossible to continue such effort unless AAMSOM have external support, that is why AAMSOM need strong support in order to contribute efforts to survive these dogs and stop this massacre.

Again AAMSOM is requesting to make a collateral relationship between AAMSOM and your Organization supporters in order to protect these dogs.

The dogs are Animal like us therefore let us stand and protect these Dogs and give them chance to live.


NB: Please see the images about the dogs poisoned and killed intentionally during these days, also we have footages that we recorded these actions against dogs.

As long as you need to see these horrible images please contact us.

We are waiting your response, please contact us soon

Thank you
Mr. Abdifitah Ahmed
General Secretary, AAMSOM
Borama, Somaliland North of Somalia

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