Thursday, January 27, 2011

Committed Vegan and Famous Actress Natalie Portman Has Eco-Friendly and Vegan Engagement Ring Made for Her

Finally some good news. Love it when famous people keep to their ideals and share it with the world.


Natalie Portman's fiancé helped designed her vegan and eco-friendly engagement ring

Source: CNS Reporter: Anne Lu

Natalie Portman's fiancé knows what matters so much to her. Benjamin Millepied, the "Black Swan" choreographer who is also the father of the actress' unborn child, commissioned an eco-friendly engagement ring for the staunch vegan.

Jewelry designer Jamie Wolf revealed to InStyle that Millepied helped created the custom handmade ring, making sure that the diamond stunner is in alignment with the 29-year-old Oscar nominee's eco-friendly and vegan ideals.

The center stone is a round old mine cut antique diamond, the pave diamonds are certified conflict-free, and the platinum is recycled metal.

The result is a classic-looking sparkler that is estimated to cost $35,000.

Wolf, a former ballet dancer and longtime friend of Millepied, told the fashion website, "Ben was exceptionally thoughtful and dedicated and patient to make sure we had everything right. We wanted everything about the ring to speak to things that are important to Natalie."
Portman is expected to give birth to their child in the summer.

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