Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hell Freezes Over: US House Approves Polar Bear Protection Treaty

I’m still in shock that this issue even came up! Especially in the US House. Good steps and very surprising. Yet, they must realize that unless this is coupled with tackling global warming eventually it will not matter. As the last paragraph states, the biggest threat to Polar Bears is global warming. So they must also act on this issue if they truly are sincere about the survival of Polar Bears.


House approves polar bear protection treaty


CAPITOL HILL The ice-cold habitat of polar bears was a hot topic on Capitol Hill today.
The House has approved a treaty with Russia that would help protect the big white bears from overhunting and other survival threats. The Senate has already approved its own version of the treaty endorsement.

The treaty limits polar bear hunting by native populations in the U-S and Russia and it sets up a bilateral commission to figure out how best to protect the bears' habitat.

The World Conservation Union figures the Arctic polar bear population at near 25-thousand, but nearly a third could die out over the next 45 years. Climate-warming that is melting the bears' icy home is considered the biggest threat.

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