Friday, July 28, 2006

Group in Lebanon Continues To Rescue Abandoned Animals: Now Saving Zoo Animals: See the Devastation Caused by the Invasion and their Heroic Efforts

This is an amazing group. As it ties in with the news, I have decided to post it. At least read what they’re doing and visit their site. If you can help, please do. They are facing incalculable odds.

You can find them at:

Here’s what they emailed out:

Animals in Lebanon need your help. Please visit



On July 25, 2006, one of BETA co-founders and a BETA volunteer managed to
get inside the southern suburbs of Beirut =AD the WAR ZONE =AD, literally
risking their lives, into a mini-zoo where the animals are being kept under
the horror of the attacks.

BETA got a clearance from the owner of the zoo to enter and rescue all the
animals. Some of the workers at this zoo are amazing kind people who stayed
at the premises for the sake of feeding the animals!! Both these humans and
animals are suffering the horror of the ongoing attacks.

The zoo contains the following animals: a camel, a donkey, some goats, some
rabbits, an owl, eagles, a lot of exotic birds, a lot of chickens, five
monkeys (one baby male baboon, one female macaque and a family of 3 velvets
a mother and two babies), and an alligator.

Also the zoo was surrounded by hungry and terrified adult kittens.

Due to the lack of time -as attacks were to start at any second onto the
area- the team managed to rescue the baboon, the macaque and 3 kittens.

On 26 July, 2006, our team is going back to the scene with more equipment to
hopefully rescue as many animals as possible.

temporary boarding for the farm animals and the chickens!

Below are some pictures of the scene: picture of a cage on truck, pictures
of the two rescued monkeys, pictures of the kittens at rescue and pictures
of them at BETA home.

The two primates and three kittens are now at a safe place with adequate
conditions. BETA will make sure that these animals are in the right place
with the right treatment.

For all the people who helped, for all the people who are thinking of us, we
thought to share our latest news with you!!


FOR MORE INFO contact us at

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