Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New Orleans Rescue Update - Can you help with these simple issues?

New Orleans Rescue Update - Can you help with these simple issues?

From another group.

From: Jane Garrison
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 22:36:54 =AD0400 (7:36PM PST)

Unbelievably, we rescued 2 more animals from inside homes yesterday (2
separate homes). Both of these animals were found alive in the attics of the
houses...both completely skin and bones but alive and THRILLED to see our
rescuers! As this point, we have about 600 addresses still on our list. This
is the list of people who asked for their animals to be rescued. We believe
that at least half of these addresses can be eliminated by calling the
people prior to going to their homes to see if they have already gotten back
into New Orleans or had someone else rescue their animals. All remaining
addresses must be visited to see if there are still animals alive. We owe
that to the animals who may still be alive inside those homes.

Therefore here is what we need:

1. We need a few people to help call the people on the list and then remove
those who no longer need rescuing from the database.

2. People to go to New Orleans and check the remainder of the
addresses---animal control officers or experienced rescuers are preferred at
this point.

3. Vets and techs willing to assist us and Best Friends as many of the
animals we are rescuing from the streets (and the few from within homes) are

We are still operating out of a trailer at Lamar Dixon Expo Center in
Gonzales, LA but this will change after the 15th. Once we have to leave
Lamar Dixon, we will meet outside the spay/neuter clinic of a local rescue
group we have connected with. This clinic has also agreed to have animals
stay at the clinic throughout the day prior to being sent to Best Friends
temporary shelter (where we have been bringing animals since HSUS closed
Lamar Dixon). This group is also helping us locate a warehouse or storage
unit in New Orleans where we can store dog and cat food. We hope to have all
of this worked out by Wednesday afternoon.

One of the most important things we need at this point are people willing to
feed the animals on the streets in New Orleans. There are literally
thousands of animals who have absolutely no access to food and water. One
week after the hurricane, I noticed these animals were looking horrible. The
next day I came across 11 dead cats on one street. These cats had not died
from the flood or the storm---they looked as though they died from
starvation or dehydration. In an effort to prevent any other deaths, I
quickly developed and instituted a city-wide feeding program. Within a few
days the animals on the streets started looking so much better. We have
since been sustaining these animals by putting out hundreds of feed and
water stations each week (which takes quite a few people) and rescuing the
animals we are able top catch. However, with so many rescue groups leaving
New Orleans these animals won't have a chance of surviving. In fact, we are
now already starting to see a decline in their health. The local animal
people are willing to help but most of them lost their homes and are busy
trying to get their own lives together. If you are willing to come to New
Orleans to feed and water please let me know. We will assign you a section
of the city that you will be responsible for while you are here and we will
provide all the food and bowls you will need.

Until the 15th we are advising people to stay in the fema tent at the Lamar
Dixon Expo Center. After the 15th you may still be able to stay there in
your own tent but we are working out those details. I will keep you informed
on this situation.

We will need dog/cat food donated and will let you know where to send it
once we have a warehouse/storage unit in downtown New Orleans. Please let me
know if you are willing to go to New Orleans to help. The animals on the
streets need you!!!

Thank you for all your support!

Jane Garrison

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