Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chicago is One Step Closer to Banning Foie Gras!

From: Farm Sanctuary

If you know of any one in Chicago, pass this on! Great news. Foie Gras is a terrible practice that must be stopped.

Chicago is One Step Closer to Banning Foie Gras!

Today, October 25, 2005, saw the passage of the
proposed Chicago ordinance to ban the sale of foie gras [2]
through the Chicago City Council Committee on Health. This is a
key step in prohibiting the sale of foie gras in the city of

Compelling testimony highlighted the cruelty of foie gras
production, including a passionate statement by actress Loretta
Swit. Representatives of the foie gras industry were unable to
convince members of the committee that force feeding birds is
humane and the committee unanimously voted in favor of Alderman
Moore's proposal. The Committee on Health has carefully examined
the process of foie gras production over the past couple of

Dr. Holly Cheever, a veterinarian and expert on the foie gras
industry, and Gene Bauston, President of Farm Sanctuary,
provided information and testified in support of Alderman
Moore's proposal at hearings in September and October.

Next step: The entire Chicago City Council will be
voting soon on this proposed ordinance!

More exciting news! Similar foie gras state legislation
is also currently pending in Illinois and

What You Can Do

* To learn more about this cruel production method and see
what you can do to help, please visit:

* Chicago Residents: The Chicago City Council consists of 50
Aldermen, one representing each city ward. PLEASE CONTACT
YOUR CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS NOW [6], asking them to please
support Alderman Moore's Proposal to Ban the Sale of Cruel
Foie Gras in Chicago.

For more information, please contact
or call 607-583-2225 ext 251.

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