Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Keep Your Pets (Campanions) Safe on Halloween - Some Tips to Follow

From the Humane Society of the US. Remember, too, that dogs and cats could dash out of the door in a split second, and with all the commotion during Halloween eve, they are sure to get spooked and run.

The tips are below. Also, check out this real life Halloween horror story. In essence, one story of what can happen to companions on Halloween. Title: A Tangled Web: Halloween Product Contributes to a Real-Life Horror

Link to full page:

1 Keep pets safely inside, away from trick-or-treaters and other Halloween activities.

2 Cats, especially black ones, may be the target of pranksters. Keep cats safely indoors. Go to for more information.

3 Be sure all pets are wearing collars with ID tags, as frequently opened doors provide a perfect opportunity for escape.

4 Keep candy out of your pet’s reach. Candy can be harmful to pets and chocolate is toxic to cats, dogs, and ferrets.

5 Keep pets away from decorations. Candle flames can quickly singe, burn or set fire to a pet’s fur. Pets can become tangled in hanging decorations like streamers and can choke on some decorations if they chew on them.

6 Resist the urge to put your furry friend in costume. Most pets dislike the confinement of costumes and masks, and flowing capes can cause injuries if pets get caught on something.

7 Don’t bring the family dog along for trick-or-treating. Dogs may become difficult to handle during the noise and confusion of the festivities. A lost dog or dog bite will quickly end your Halloween fun.

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