Wednesday, September 28, 2005

UCSF To Pay Fine For Animal Rights Allegations For 75!! Counts of Animal Welfare Violations

75! Not 1, not 2, not even 3. 75!

Shocking the number is for sure. Just as shocking is that the USDA investigated at all.

Just think of all the other horror that is going undocumented as we speak. This is only one facility. If UCSF had 75, and were being watched, just imagine what facilities "off the radar" are doing right now. Sickening to even think about.

So, it’s important to notice here:
1.The sheer number of violations.
2.The sheer number of violations for a facility being watched.
3.That they were being watched only due to finally and surprisingly listening to activists that had been speaking for a long time.
4.That they are only one of many, and that many facilities will never be investigated and still probably are carrying out just as many - if not more - violations.
5.The importance of being active on this issue.

UCSF To Pay Fine For Animal Rights Allegations
University Agrees To $92,000 Settlement

POSTED: 2:38 pm PDT September 27, 2005
UPDATED: 7:25 pm PDT September 27, 2005

SAN FRANISCO -- Animal rights activists demonstrated outside the UC San Francisco Medical Center Tuesday.

Despite the school's agreement to pay one of the largest fines for animal rights violations, activists say they want to raise awareness of the 75 counts of animal welfare violations the U.S. Department of Agriculture filed against the school.

As part of the settlement, the university agreed to pay $92,000 to the USDA.

UCSF settled the case Friday, just days before formal hearings were to begin.

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