Friday, September 30, 2005

Another Example of Why Zoos Cause Troubled Animals

As if the prior post wasn't enough, here is an example of what zoos do to the mentality of its prisoners.

Not only was it bad enough that they killed already-tortured animals, but then the zoo people show their stupidity by sending the rotting carcasses to get autopsies. Gee, wasn’t the cause of death bullets? What the hell else do they have to know?

3 chimps killed at Neb. zoo after escape


ROYAL, Neb. -- Three chimpanzees from a small-town zoo were shot and
killed after they escaped from their enclosure and could not be
captured, the zoo director said.

The primates at Zoo Nebraska were able to get out of the cage Saturday
when a padlock was not completely closed after cleaning, said zoo
director Ken Schlueter Jr. He killed the animals with a deputy's service
revolver after a tranquilizer gun didn't show any effect.

No people were hurt, state patrol spokeswoman Deb Collins said. The zoo
is located in Royal, a northeastern Nebraska village of 75; one of its
major donors was the late entertainer Johnny Carson.

After the chimps lifted the padlock and broke out, employees immediately
moved visitors in an office area, but the chimps tried to get into the
building, Schlueter said.

"When it became apparent there'd be danger here, they had to be
destroyed," Schlueter told the Lincoln Journal Star.

Schlueter did not immediately return a message left for him by The
Associated Press on Monday.

The Nebraska State Patrol and Antelope County Sheriff's Department were
called to help capture the animals. A fourth chimpanzee also escaped,
but quickly returned to its cage, officials said.

The seven-acre zoo opened 18 years ago as the Midwest Primate Research
Facility with one animal - a chimpanzee named Reuben, one of those
killed Saturday. Carson, the late host of NBC's "The Tonight Show" who
grew up not far from Royal, donated $55,000 to the zoo for the Carson
Center for Chimps 15 years ago and an additional $20,000 more recently.
He died in January.

Schlueter said the chimps weighed up to 300 pounds or more, and he shot
two of them with a tranquilizer gun, but the tranquilizers had not taken
effect after five minutes.

The danger chimps pose to humans was highlighted when a man and his wife
were attacked by chimpanzees March 3 at the Animal Haven Ranch near
Bakersfield, Calif. The man was severely mauled and the woman lost part
of her thumb before the animals where shot to death.

The Nebraska animals' carcasses were flown Sunday to a zoo in St. Louis,
where autopsies were planned.

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