Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mississippi Katrina Victims Need Your Help. Very Easy Way to Help Animal Victims of Katrina.

A good group that could use your help. Not only for Mississippi victims, but animal vicitims of Katrina in general.

At 8:00 a.m. this morning, Farm Sanctuary
rescuers arrived at our New York Shelter with 725 chickens saved
from a farm ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in rural Mississippi.
At this broiler chicken facility, which is under contract with
Tyson Foods, a tornado spawned by the hurricane completely
destroyed one warehouse shed and severely damaged two others.
The chickens, like millions of farm animals across the South
following the disaster, had been left to die or be bulldozed
into mass graves.

Farm Sanctuary caregivers are providing the chickens urgent
care at our hospital facilities, as many are in critical
condition. All 725 are being individually checked for
injuries and other urgent care needs. This morning s checks
have revealed broken toes, severe gangrene in the feet,
extreme dehydration and lack of nutrition. Many of the birds
have not had access to food or water for days since the
hurricane, leaving them weak and lifeless. One bird s eyes
are swollen shut from trauma to the head, another has a
large head wound, and two are suffering from seizures and
clinging to life. Caregivers are administering IV fluids,
shots of Banamine (a pain killer) and Dexamethasone (a
steroid) and heating pads to revive them.

Farm Sanctuary is still on the ground in Mississippi continuing
search and rescue efforts this week to save additional farm
animals including pigs and goats reportedly displaced. We are in
need of donations immediately to help save these 725 chickens
and to fund our ongoing rescue efforts in the South.

Please make an emergency donation today to the KATRINA FARM
ANIMAL RESCUE FUND [2] and help save hundreds of animals from
the devastation of animal agriculture and this natural disaster.
CLICK HERE [3] now, call 607-583-2225 ext. 221, or mail checks
to Farm Sanctuary, PO Box 150, Watkins Glen, NY 14891.

Your donation to the KATRINA FARM ANIMAL RESCUE FUND [4]will
fund emergency transport of farm animals to safety, emergency
rescuers, caregivers, and additional cleaning staff to
accommodate the incoming 725 animals, the purchase of emergency
supplies including towels, kennel pads, heating pads, rubber
gloves, box fans, ceramic brooder lights to keep the chickens
warm, and water fountain heater bases. You can also help by
sending needed supplies to Farm Sanctuary at the address above.

Over the weekend, Farm Sanctuary working with Animal Place,
HSUS, Black Beauty Ranch, and other animal protection groups
investigated devastated areas, searching for surviving farm
animals in need of rescue and negotiating the release of animals
from area farms. Rescuers reported mass graves of dead birds,
demolished warehouses confining tens of thousands of birds, and
fields littered with dead chickens and live chickens running
for their lives.

Sadly, Tyson and other factory farms see the animals as
commodities rather than living, feeling beings. Clean-up crews
are sent to bulldoze damaged buildings, with live animals still
trapped inside, and to discard the debris and bodies as trash.

[row]"We saw a massive open grave containing thousands of dead
chickens crawling with maggots. Shockingly, 21 were still alive,
huddled in the corner of the pit," said Kate Walker, a Farm
Sanctuary rescuer on the ground in Mississippi.

When power systems fail, animals trapped by the hundreds of
thousands in intensive confinement systems are particularly
vulnerable, put at risk by stifling summer heat, toxic ammonia,
and limited or inaccessible food and water. Millions of farm
animals have died and untold thousands remain in peril.
According to the latest agricultural census, Louisiana and
Mississippi together annually slaughter over a million pigs, a
half million cattle and calves, and nearly one billion chickens
raised for both meat and eggs.

Please help us end this misery and the trauma of Katrina today
for as many farm animals as we possibly can. For each individual
who is lifted from a grave or a hurricane-torn building, your
gift will make a difference.

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