Monday, January 13, 2014

Article Reminds People of the Truth of Michal Vick: Before Signing….Teams Should Heed Vick’s Dark Past

Please never forget just how deranged and cruel sick Michael Vick is.  Well, lucky enough, the NY Times has enough heart to help people not forget.  I myself have also been worried lately that some team will be dumb enough to sign this disgrace.  And, given the ethics of the NFL, some dumb team probably will.  So, Please PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO REMIND THEM JUST WHAT A DISTURBED PERSON SICK MICHAEL VICK IS.

I’ve put in a few excerpts below, but you can find the whole story here:  

“If the Eagles cut him loose this off-season, teams considering giving him a third chance in the N.F.L. should be required to look past his strong left arm, his nimble feet and his potentially cost-effective upside.

They should remember this: Vick was the mastermind behind his dogfighting operation. He bankrolled it, gave it a home base, encouraged it.

In the backyard of his Virginia home were mass graves of pit bulls that had fought for him or had been torn apart serving as bait dogs in practice sessions. The surviving dogs were found barely alive, beaten, starved, tortured and chained to concrete slabs.”

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