Monday, May 20, 2013

Speak Out Against Animal Mistreatment at UCSF University of California at San Francisco Labs

Yep, pretty bad place.  Easy action here:

From the site:

"These involved the agonizing fate of a female monkey who, apart from her multiple invasive brain surgeries in a Parkinson’s study, suffered further extreme distress due to painful complications from a piece of plastic acrylic left in her head for two years. Another monkey was subjected to multiple invasive brain surgeries and was deliberately deprived of food so that he would perform tasks while locked in a restraint chair. He lost 25 percent of his body weight. In another horrific incident, experimenters placed live newborn mice inside a freezer meant for dead animals.

Other recent violations include failures to maintain clean enclosures, failure to provide adequate pain relief to animals after invasive surgeries, and failure to provide sufficient food and water to animals, including an incident where mice died of dehydration because staff failed to notice that they didn’t have any water."

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