Friday, May 03, 2013

Rhinos Extinct in Mozambique: Asian Demand Still Fueling Mass Elephant and Rhino Killings: Evil Cultures at it Again!

Sick, sick Asian cultures.  Their consistent selfishness and foolish beliefs drive this horrid genocide.  As soon as the demand from China, etc. (the cruelest countries on Earth) stops, this will do.  We can only hope for civility to take over there, but it likely won’t with their quack medical myths. 

Two horrible stories on this issue.

The saddest I’ve seen in some time and PROOF that cannot be denied.  A baby elephant mourns over its dead mother.  Graphic proof of horror of the evil Asian demand for elephant tusks.  Brutal heart wrenching photos that show just how evil humans are.

Guess what?  Rhinos are now extinct in Mozambique.  Yep.  Good job humans and the idiot Asian demand for rhino horn based on quack science. 

"The price of rhino horn has overtaken the price of gold as demand has burgeoned in Asian countries, mainly China and Vietnam, where consumers wrongly believe that the horn — made of the same substance as fingernails — has powerful healing properties.

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