Thursday, October 25, 2012

Demand Arrest of Wyoming Sleaze Stanley Castagno for Wolf Poached from Sanctuary

And here again is some additional contact information.  It comes from another group so hopefully it is all correct.

Castagno is a Outfitter and Guide registered with the Wyoming Outfitters and Guide, and their telephone number is:                         800-264-0981                  800-264-0981           

Wyoming Wildlife Enforcement, as this is a clear cut case of Poaching off of a Sanctuary, similar to fishing within a fish hatchery and just wrong, but we will see how they attempt to cover this up:                         307-733-2321                  307-733-2321           

The Administrator of Wyoming Enforcement, Eric Kescler can be reached at:                        307-777-4594                  307-777-4594           

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