Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Biomedical CO Bioreliance Corp.Cited - 18 Violations of The Animal Welfare Act: Animals Regaining Consciousness in Refrigeration Unit for Carcasses

Includes Animals Regaining Consciousness While in a Refrigeration Unit for Storing Carcasses

More disturbing proof of the reality behind the doors of organizations that engage in vivisection or animal testing. It’s bad enough to be tortured, but then to wake up in a refrigerator full of carcasses and then die of freezing. Unacceptable.


MD Research Firm Accused of Lab Animal Misuse


June 08, 2009 - An animal rights group says a leading figure in Maryland's biomedical industry, the BioReliance Corp., has been cited for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. The charge includes up to 18 instances in which seemingly euthanized animals regained consciousness while inside a refrigeration unit meant for storing carcasses. Research facilities like BioReliance come under regular inspections by the USDA. But animal welfare groups like PETA say the government office is doing little more than reporting violations when they occur and that inspections are too often based on information voluntarily reported by the labs themselves.

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