Friday, May 09, 2008

Los Angeles Reporter Investigates Puppy Mills: Same Sad Reality Found: Pet Stores Fuel Abusive Puppy Mills and Breeding: Death, Disease, and Abuse

Same reality found again. But still, puppy mills and pet stores go on.

We’ve actually posted about the pet store, puppy mill, breeders connection before see this posting for more information -

For more information on puppy mills and pet stores and tips on finding and buying dogs, cats, etc. from reputable sources other than pet stores and puppy mills see the following links:


David Goldstein Investigates Puppy Mills


David Goldstein

LOS ANGELES (CBS) ― They're locked in cages. Put there to breed. With little love or attention.

The animal rights group Last Chance For Animals videotaped this puppy mill in Littlerock--near Palmdale.

Hidden behind a fence--more than 100 dogs. They do have a permit to breed from L.A. County--but not from the federal government. The federal animal welfare act says any breeder who sells to a pet store has to have a permit.

With a hidden camera we went into Posh Puppies in Tarzana. Here we found one of their maltese puppies for sale for over $2,000! But when we tried to question the employee--she didn't want us there.

"It's an unlicensed puppy mill yet the dogs come from there? Can I please ask the camera to leave?"

Last week we uncovered this puppy mill also in Littlerock. After our investigation -- L.A. County Animal Control cited the facility for overcrowding--and ordered more than 300 dogs moved out. They also don't have a federal permit.

But it seems Littlerock is fast becoming the puppy breeding capitol of L.A. County. Just around the corner--we found a third facility. In a county inspection last November--they found 274 dogs---which is legal. But again--we found no federal permit. No legal license to sell to pet stores.

"These stores are buying from puppy mills that are not properly licensed. Animals are basically illegal."

Chris Derose is the director of Last Chance For Animals. He blames the puppy mills in L.A. County on the trend in Hollywood.

The cute little dogs are all the rage with celebrities--so people want to follow suit. And breeders are trying to keep up. But the public doesn't see the dark side.

"This little girl's leg is missing."

This dog was rescued from the puppy mill last week with leg problems. Others rescued also are mistreated.

"These dogs pay for it over and over and these people--these celebrities that have animals don't go out and see where these animals come from."

Because of our investigation -- L.A. County supervisor Mike Antonovich is going to introduce a motion to see if further inspections are needed.

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