Friday, May 09, 2008

Animal Abuser and Pharmaceutical Company Covance Again Targeted by Group: Company Asked to Stop Importing Monkeys and Exporting Dogs for Research

It’s amazing that the resolutions proposed find absolutely no support among executives and the shareholders. The group simply asked for Covance to stop importing monkeys and exporting dogs for research testing purposes. Why they won’t even agree to such simple and humane measures is confusing.

Covance is no stranger to carrying out animal abuse. We posted on a story in which they were fined for animal abuse. You can read about that here:


Animal rights activists protest as drug company shareholders meet

by Bill Mooney/The Times

Thursday May 08, 2008, 11:34 AM

Michael Mancuso/The TimesPETA members protest outside the entrance to the Princeton Marriott in Plainsboro, where shareholders of Covance, a drug development company, met Thursday. PETA alleges that Covance harms monkeys.

PLAINSBORO -- Animal rights activists staged a protest Thursday morning outside the annual shareholders meeting of drug development company Covance here.

A resolution introduced by members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals asking Covance to stop importing monkeys and exporting dogs for research testing purposes was defeated at the meeting, which was held at the Princeton Marriott hotel.

Alka Chandna, a researcher with PETA and a shareholder of Covance stock, introduced the resolution. Meanwhile, outside the meeting, on College Road East, six PETA activists huddled in cages and displayed signs calling for a halt in the use of animals as test subjects for pharmaceuticals or other products.

Chandna said that in previous meetings, when PETA has presented what it said is evidence of animal cruelty, the response of Covance executives has been dismissive. "They basically shrug their shoulders," she said.

Laurene Isip, Covance spokeswoman, denied the allegations and said that the company complies with all U.S. laws regarding the regulation and care of animals.

The resolution PETA presented was overwhelmingly defeated, but Chandna said Covance agreed to take a look at video PETA had that Chandna said shows animal cruelty at a facility in Vietnam that provides monkeys for importation to the United States.

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