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Natural Balance Newest Product to be Added to Dog and Cat Food Recall List

Another unfortunate addition.

As of now, this page serves as the best source of a listing of all recalled pet foods:

You can also visit these lists for a quick scan of product names: - dogs - cats


Pet food recall expands, with revelations that some Natural Balance products contain melamine

Posted by The Oregonian April 18, 2007 08:43AM
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The pet food recall, which began more than a month ago, expanded again today, with Menu Foods adding another variety of food and Natural Balance Pet Foods revealing that some of its products contain melamine.

Natural Balance is recalling all of its Venison dog food, both wet and dry, along with its dry Venison cat food. And Menu Foods has added Natural Life's Vegetarian wet dog food to the list.

A few days ago Natural Balance recalled its dry Venison dog and cat food, warning that some animals had developed kidney problems after eating the products. The Food and Drug Administration said that those products did not appear to be linked to the massive pet food recall linked to melamine, which was found in the wheat gluten of some Menu Foods and other companies' products.

But today the FDA said that melamine had been detected in Natural Balance's Venison dog food and dry cat food, which do not contain wheat gluten. The agency said it appeared that the source of the melamine is a rice protein concentrate.

Today's revelation marks a startling new development in the pet food recall, which the agency has said was limited to tainted wheat gluten from a Chinese supplier.

Since mid-March, Menu Foods, Nestle Purina PetCare Co., Del Monte Pet Products, Hills Pet Nutrition, Sunshine Mills Inc. and now Natural Balance Pet Foods Inc. have recalled products because they contained melamine. The substance, which is used to make plastics in the United States but is also used as a fertilizer in Asia, should not be in pet food at all.

For more information on the Natural Balance pet food recall, visit the company's Web site or call 800-829-4493. The FDA has complete information on the recall. Another good source of information is the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association.

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