Thursday, March 15, 2007

Canada Prepares to Begin it’s Annual Baby Seal Slaughter: Group Urges Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Call off First Leg of East Coast Kill

I have no hope that Harper will call it off. He seems to love seeing baby seals have clubs or hakapik or picks put through the heads. However, given the lack of seals on the east coast, perhaps he will call it off for that reason.

For more on cruel Canada’s annual baby seal slaughter including photos and video that show the reality of grown men putting clubs or hakapik or picks through the heads of baby seals who cannot move see:


Here is some great information on how you can attempt to stop the annual baby seal slaughter:


Animal rights group urges Ottawa to call off East Coast seal hunt

Canadian Press
Published: Wednesday, March 14, 2007

HALIFAX — An animal rights group is urging Prime Minister Stephen Harper to call off the annual East Coast seal hunt because of a lack of seals.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare says ice conditions in the Gulf of St. Lawrence are among the worst on record.

Harp seals normally give birth and nurse their pups on pack ice, but a lack of ice means few animals have been seen.

Sheryl Fink, a researcher for the group, says surveillance flights are reporting that there is not a single harp seal to be found in the southern Gulf.

The federal government has yet to announce this year’s hunt quota.

Fink says Harper has an opportunity to give Canada’s wildlife a fighting chance in the face of global warming.

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Leigh-Ann said...

Thank you so much for drawing attention to this issue, and for linking to IFAW's Canadian website. I thought I'd stop by to invite you to check out IFAW's new website at StopTheSealHunt.COM, as there are a number of new features there, including a blog. Keep up the great work!

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