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Ask Morningstar Farms To Stop Using Eggs In Their Products: If They Insist On Continuing to Use Eggs, Ask That They At least Use Cage Free Eggs

This actually comes from COK and Vegan Outreach, but I did receive the information not too long ago from another group. COK and Vegan Outreach did an excellent job with this writing, so I’d like to pass this along. Please see the following website for more information after reading the information below -

If nothing else, please at least consider switching to another product other than Morningstar Farms. Gardenburger is the main choice, as they do adhere to a policy of not using eggs for all but one of their products. For that one product, they do not use battery eggs. Here is a link to a statement by Gardenburger in relation to eggs in their products and specifically on their policy of only using cage free eggs:

Yet, if you do have time, there are many actions below you can take. They are all very easy, from making a simple call, to emailing a form letter.


Compassion Over Killing
and Vegan Outreach
are teaming up with compassionate people everywhere to ask
Morningstar Farms® to stop using eggs in its product line.

Morningstar Farms®, which is owned by the Kellogg® company,

is currently purchasing eggs produced by hens confined inside barren
wire battery cages. Battery caged hens are typically provided with a
meager 67 square inches of space in which to live that s less than
the size of one sheet of notebook paper. These birds are so
intensively confined for their entire lives that they are denied
their natural inclinations to spread their wings, perch, preen, or
even walk.

Morningstar Farms® has long been a leader in supplying delicious
vegetarian foods to a growing market. Let them know that the market
also wants them to remove their support from the cruel battery egg
industry. Please encourage them to join with companies like
Gardenburger®, which last year announced it has taken eggs out of all
its products except for one private-sourced item.

Take action today by submitting your comments online!

Use the form in this alert or visit
to send a letter.

Please also call Kellogg® s customer feedback hotline:

Hours (Eastern Standard Time):

Mon. - Thurs.: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Say: Representative.
Press 2 for product information
Press 1 for general inquiries

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