Friday, December 01, 2006

Group in Ireland Gets Ready for International Animal Rights Day on December 10

A reminder to all that International Animal Rights Day is on December 10 and that those concerned with animal rights can be found in most countries. It is an international movement.


Animal rights campaigners for Dublin

By Fiona McIlwaine Biggins
01 December 2006

Ulster animal lovers are being urged to join forces with like-minded people in the Republic to show their compassion for abused and cruelly treated animals across the world.

International Animal Rights Day takes place on December 10 and each year groups in Northern Ireland campaign at various places where they believe animal abuse takes place.

However, this year animal rights groups from across the province are travelling to Dublin to join other societies from England at a peaceful rally which is being staged by the Dublin-based Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN).

Vivienne Rhodes of Northern Ireland Against Animal Experiments said: "We really want to get as many local people as possible to join us and let their voices be heard for animals.

"We would welcome anyone wishing to take part in the rally, which starts at 1pm.

"We will be travelling down together by coach and anyone interested in going along should contact 028 2589 1753 or email for travel details."

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