Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Update on Hurrican Katrina Animal Victim Resue Update: What's Really Going on There

Read on. A sobering messege on the reality of the situation. Again, if you can help, please do so.

From: animalrescueneworleans.com

11/7 Very depressing day...

Today we found 3 dead cats at 3 separate houses. These were cats who had
only died in the past few days. Two of the cats were found dead on their
front porches next to empty food and water bowls. The other was found dead
on the back porch of a house where again, no food/water was available. Why
did these animals die? Because we do not have enough people to feed them.
This is not a normal city on a normal day where animals can search through
trash for scraps. This is a city where the majority of the residents have
not returned so no trash is being generated. This is a city where there are
no puddles for them to drink out of because it has not rained in over a
month. This is a city where there are no residents who will feed them
because very few people are actually living in New Orleans. This is a city
in a crisis. These animals have nothing but us to help them. I hate to say
it but the animal community is failing these animals. Today we only had 24
people to put out food and water stations in a city that has thousands of
animals on the streets. It is a tragedy that these animals made it through
the hurricane, made it through the flood, made it through another hurricane
and are dieing because they don't have enough food and water. Please don't
think that someone else will go and help...because they won't and they're
not. Please get in your car, get on a plane and come to New Orleans to help
put food and water out for these animals. We currently have over three
thousand locations in our database where we know animals are hiding under
porches and under houses. I am begging you to please help. We will provide
you with the list of locations and all the dog and cat food you will need.
Just come...
All the instructions you need are on Animalrescueneworleans.com.
PLEASE don't let anymore animals die...

Jane Garrison

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