Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Target stores are again selling fur and items with fur.

From another list. This really sucks. Target doesn't need to see these items. Fur is a barbaric practice that is unnecessary. Please read and act. It's very simple. We've done most of the work for you.

Target is selling rabbit fur trimmed hats, gloves, and hair clips as well as fabric hats with rabbit fur woven into them. I contacted them last year, and I see they are selling rabbit fur again this year. I brought it to the attention of my store manager, and he didn't have a clue as to the cruelty involved in these items. He gave me a number to call the buyers, and I also obtained mailing addresses. I called guest relations and mailed a very detailed letter to the buyers with copies to the district managers. I would really like to get on their case about this.

Web form:


Guest Service Representative - please call 1-800-440-0680, state your opinon on the matter and then ask to speak to a supervisor. In addition, get the information for the District Manager or your location. Then, email or call them.

To write letter to the Target buyers:

Mailing Address: Target Stores

Attention: Accessories Buyers

P. O. Box 9350

Minneapolis, MN 55440

Many thanks to those who feel moved to add their voice to the cause of these rabbits.

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