Friday, November 09, 2012

Dickhead Ego Man Kills Giant Pacific Octopus in Special Part of Puget Sound in Washington State: Rightful Outrage Ensures Over His Ego-Driven Move

Seems Dylan Miller is more into himself than respecting the amazing ocean life that makes this area of WA special.

And, turns out that there is an unspoken understanding that you LEAVE THESE MAJESTIC life forms alone.  After all, they make the area special.  Here is a quote from the story which discusses this and the amazing nature of the GPO:

“The Daily Mail in the U.K. quoted witness Bob Bailey as saying, "It's just not done. It's bad form. Even if you can do it, you shouldn't do it."

The giant Pacific octopus is the world's largest octopus. The largest known specimen measured 30 feet across.

They're are known for their ability to change colors and blend with their surroundings, and for their intelligence. Captive specimens have learned to open jars and solve puzzles.

Cove 2 divers regard their site as a marine park, where creatures should be observed and not captured, even though it's not officially designated as a protected park.”

Please also sign a petition to protect the Giant Pacific Octopus by creating regulations:

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