Monday, August 27, 2012

Namibian Baby Seal Slaughter Still Active: Yep, Sick Sadistic Mother F Ers Still Love to Brutally Murder 90K Baby Seals: Operation Desert Seal II Aims to Stop it

Yeah, they don’t only like to kill baby seals in Canada; they also like to do so in Namibia.

I’m not telling anyone which group to support, but for “boots on the ground” experience and drive, I go with Sea Shepherd.  

Please read this and visit the link at to learn more and to find out what you can do to stop the sadist sickos from getting off on killing baby seals in Namibia.

“The Namibian seal slaughter starts each year at the beginning of July and continues until the license holders reach their quota of 90,000 baby seals. The biggest massacre takes place at Cape Cross which happens to be a designated seal reserve, and also the second largest tourist attraction in the Southern African country. Read the latest from Operation Desert Seal II and see how you can help Sea Shepherd save the seals.

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