Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sea Shepherd Flagship Vessel the Steve Irwin Being Held by UK: Help Raise Bond for it’s Release

Wow. Jacked that the UK govt. can do such a thing. I’ll make this simple. You can read about this and donate to cover the bond here:

Here is a paragraph from that sums up the issue: Nice to see that some celebrities are helping. But, you can too!

“Raising $1.4 million is a tough feat for any organization, but for one as controversial as Sea Shepherd it’s even tougher.

Regardless, that’s what Paul Watson‘s group is aiming to do. Their flagship, the Steve Irwin, is being held by UK courts due to a lawsuit brought against Sea Shepherd by Fish & Fish Ltd. The bond for the release of the ship is currently set at $1,411,692.87…”

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