Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Rise Again of Psychopathic Dog Abuser Killer Michael Vick Proves that Society (and the NFL) is Based not on Ethics, but on Money: FU Roger Goodell

Let me start by saying that I am a football guy. I’ve played it and I’ve coached it. So, this is why I need to say this. I’m beyond angry that a sport I’ve loved is forever soiled and the transparency of which is the nature of the NFL is now clear.

In summary, had most people committed and become convicted of felonies (regardless of the crime) we’d be hard pressed to even get a job unless it’s very low level, low pay work. In fact, felons are ineligible for student loans, which would prevent anyone from improving their lives after release from jail.

So why is it then that Michael Vick, a convicted felon (aka, convict) is now back at superstar, millionaire status with people eating out of his hands? Roger Goodell speaks a good game about the NFL having ethics, but the truth stands that this talk is simply window dressing. The truth stands that the NFL gladly welcomes convicted felons back into their league. Why? Money.

I guess it’s true; the NFL is an acronym for the National Felon League.

Since I have no other means of airing this anger, I had to post this. All the idiots have forgotten about the horrid crimes of animal abuse committed by a sick and twisted Michael Vick. But for those who stand for ethics beyond money, we stand sick and disturbed by the nature of the NFL, and of society. Because, when it comes down to it, if this society truly put morals and ethics above money (which it says it does) the NFL would have to follow and Michel Vick would be picking up trash in shame vs. once again being treated like a god so full of money that it seems his evil was rewarded.

FU Roger Goodell and the NFL!! Thanks for ruining my game!

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