Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Enslavement, Torture and Murder of Primates by the University of Kansas Medical Center Brought to the Attention of the World by Local Activist

I do not know this individual but wanted to bring awareness to this issue.


Animal rights activists' latest protest looks like they're headed to state football playoffs

By Justin Kendall, Mon., Aug. 2 2010 @ 10:00AM Comments (12)

It's not homecoming.

Animal rights activist Jason Miller promised a "relentless campaign" against the supposed "enslaving, torturing, and murdering" of primates by researchers at the University of Kansas Medical Center. He's delivering.

Last month, Miller and his fellow Bite Club of KC members slipped on lab coats, stood on the sidewalk and chanted outside the home of a KU Med researcher. On Saturday, Miller and 11 friends picked up the crusade, painting their car windows like kids going to the state football playoffs, except their slogans were more along the lines of "KU Med Center tortures monkeys" and "KU violates animal welfare laws." Not exactly rah-rah stuff.

Miller posted short video clips on Bite Club's website, and you can hear him yelling in his bullhorn "to educate the public."

Miller and his fellow Bite Club of KC members aren't exactly welcome at KU Med. Security didn't like them handing out "Wanted" posters targeting the so-called crimes of two researchers or his crusade to end animal research. Miller's protests at KU Med have earned him trespassing tickets. He also FedEx'ed a pig's head to Barbara Atkinson, the med center's executive vice chancellor, and offered $35,000 to anyone who can free the primates or end the research -- peacefully, of course).

Gotta figure this one isn't close to being over.


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